Beauty Therapy

Herbal Facial Skin Care

  • Acne treatment
  • Facial chloasma treatment
  • Facial skin tone, wrinkle, dark circle management
  • Facial skin care
  • Cosmetic acupuncture

Acupuncture for weight reduction and hair growth

Chinese herbal medicine skin management

Leveraging our extensive clinical experience and knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine, practitioners at Sydney Ming Yi Tang TCM Centre can may be able to assist with creating long-lasting healthy skin, managing the signs of aging, clearing heat, eliminating toxin, tonifying qi, nourishing blood, and balancing the Zang Fu organs*.

*The Zang Fu Organ Theory (五臟六腑學說) is the centre piece of traditional Chinese medicine explaining how the body works. Zang refers to the five yin-energy organs and Fu to the six yang organs.


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