Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

A qualified practitioner is trained to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine formula that specifically target and assist individual’s health problem by taking into account the state of Yin and Yang as well as other vital signs.

Herbal medicine programme takes time to realise and multiple courses are usually required. As the patient’s condition changes and improves, the programme is also modified accordingly until the desired health outcome is achieved.

Chinese herbal medicines takes into account the individual therapeutic action of each herb and as well as their effects when combined together. It is a sophisticated craft.

Benefits of Chinese herbal medicine

Today, there are over 450 ingredients commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine as they all exhibit unique properties which effect different benefits on the body.

As with many things, herb carries both positive and negative effects. Therefore, a well-constructed herbal medicine formula maximises the effects of the herbs and ingredients when combined, while also aim to counteract and minimise the unwanted and negative properties.

A major benefit of Chinese herbal medicine is that it is all natural and suitable for people of many health profiles.

Whereas some conventional medicine might make you feel more drowsy or fatigue, Chinese herbal medicine tend to have less side effects in this regard.

Chinese herbal medicine at Ming Yi Tang

At Ming Yi Tang, we use advanced methods to provide patients with easy-to-consume remedies through granule formulations. Our Chinese herbal medicines are prepared to contain all the natural benefits of the ingredients we use due to our innovative extraction process which locks in the properties of the formulations in granule form. As a result, our formulations are easier to consume and hence, better for our patients.

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