Chinese Medicine for Cancer

At Ming Yi Tang there is a particular focus on providing supportive cancer care with a TCM approach to complement conventional cancer treatments. We offer a high level of knowledge and extensive clinical experience to our patients, with the collaboration between Australian and Chinese TCM experts.
Led by Prof. Zhong Li (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine), who is a renowned TCM oncologist in Oncology Department of Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital with particular knowledge and experience in the area of TCM cancer management providing supportive care that can complement conventional cancer therapies, our team has extensive experience and training in providing supportive cancer care as well as other complex conditions. Apart from treating complex debilitating conditions, our team has successfully assisted these patients with increased vitality and strength to undergo the conventional cancer therapies and helped patients going through different stages of conventional cancer therapies in managing side-effect and achieving a possible improvement in quality of life and recovery during the process of the disease.

PROF. LI ZHONG (Beijing University of TCM)

Principle practitioner of Ming Yi Tang TCM Centre (Beijing University of TCM ) is a renowned TCM Oncologist with the Oncology Department at Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital. He holds many important positions in the oncology industry in China, such as:

  • D supervisor for the university
  • Chairman of the oncology of Chinese Medicine Association in China.
  • Vice Chairman of executive committee of professional committee of China Gerontological society of tumour
  • Vice Chairman of Beijing institute of integrative Medicine Committee of oncology

Zhong Li has dedicated his life long work in the research and clinical experience of integrative approach in management and supportive cancer care. He was the first person to advocate that cancer is merely a “condition” or “state of health” which is a breakthrough to the traditional approach of TCM view to cancer. He emphasizes that there should be a corresponding strategy to address such imbalanced “condition” or “state of health”, thereby creating new strategy in dealing with management of cancer and supportive care to reduce side effects so to improve cancer patient’s quality of life.

Theory of  “Cancer State” 

Zhong Li - the Founder of Sydney Ming Yi Tang TCM centre, believes that cancer is not just about abnormal cells, the cancer is a ‘condition’ or ‘state of health’, such ‘condition’ is referring to a state or body’s internal terrain whereby the human body’s qi and blood; yin and yang as well as amongst the body’s internal organ function with the external environment is in a state of imbalance or disharmony.

By drawing the analogy of “cancer cells to the seed” and the “Cancer Condition to the soil”, the proper approach is to modify such cancer condition in addition to suppress cancer cell growth in order to effectively control the disease progression. Through the efforts of our team, using the novel formulas developed in our Clinic, we have achieved remarkable clinical outcomes: A harmonious status between the person and nature, internal and external environment and body’s organs function are restored.

To improve a person’s ‘state of health’, our clinic applied Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, and pain-relief patch therapies to exert a synergistic effect. The combined treatment aims to eliminate toxins and strengthen body’s “Zheng qi”, to maximize the body’s ability to fight tumors, it can be used to accelerate the recovery, improve immunity and assist the body to regain balance and achieve homeostasis. Some formulas are able to help the patients to overcome the side effect that often experienced by patient during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Researches showed that Chinese Medicine could be a new posibility for Cancer