Why is alternative medicine growing in popularity?

Despite how far we have come with modern medicine, science and technology, there are old and new diseases that are yet to be understood and treatments yet to be found. It is natural for people struggling with these types of diseases and conditions to seek relief outside of mainstream medicine, it can be thought of as pop music versus indie music, but of course indie music eventually made its way to becoming popular music.  Traditional medicines can still have a place in people’s journey to health, people have continued to find relief through TCM treatments which are based on traditional knowledge,although that is also changing, there has been a lot of recent research using current science knowledge and concepts into the effectiveness of TCM.  Just as with changing music tastes, the reasons people choose for or against TCM can be quite different.

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  1. Alternative medicine may not be so alternative. Many modern drugs are derived from plants or animals (herbal medicine).  Such as the following:
  • Morphine – opium poppy plant
  • Aspirin – Willow
  • Artimisinin (qinghao su)  – Malaria
  • Cynarin drug – prescribed by doctors in Germany and is derived from artichoke.
  • Penicillin – Mould
  • Antivenom – Venom collected from poisonous animals → injected into domestic animals → antibodies collected.
  • Insulin – Hog pancreas


A really good website to look up more on conventional medicine derived from plants



  1. The rise of complementary or alternative medicine maybe the result of slick marketing, relaxed regulation, scientific illiteracy, a gullible media and / or the failure of mainstream medicine. (website: Science based medicinehttps://sciencebasedmedicine.org/why-do-people-turn-to-alternative-medicine/)


  1. Increased credibility of many complementary and alternative health services, the growing multiculturalism of Australia, health insurance cover, regulatory bodies and professional associations being made, and Australians seeking a more holistic approach to health. (https://www.pdhpe.net/health-priorities-in-australia/what-role-do-health-care-facilities-and-services-play-in-achieving-better-health-for-all-australians/complementary-and-alternative-health-care-approaches/reasons-for-growth-of-complementary-and-alternative-health-products-and-services/)
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